When Did The First Irish American Team Play

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Being legally launched into the world of Irish Americans through the union of matrimony can be an eye-opening experience for those of us not born of this proud heritage. From immigration stories to shared recipes to the ambitious zest for life the Irish innately uphold, we could only expect to witness the same passion for the beloved sport of baseball and the significance of Irish influence within the sport.

The National League intrigued sons of Irish immigrants beginning as far back as 1876 after a plethora of Irish immigrants made their way onto American soil.This/tag helps explain it more. A great segue into American acceptance and camaraderie; the Irish took to the game like the potato to a recipe. The Irish took baseball by storm and passion, creating almost too many stars to name.

While the Irish-American explosion in baseball and American sports have diminished greatly since those earlier days, today’s Irish-American connection and devotion to sports and baseball, in particular, will always be especially acknowledged to the Irish. Their personal sparks of imagination, excitement and desire to belong in this fine and free country contributed to the ignition of such remarkable teams as the Philadelphia Athletics in 1901 and the New York Yankees.

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