Which Sport Has The Most Irish American Teams

by admin in Uncategorized | Posted on June 26th, 2012 | Comments Off

When it comes to Irish American teams in sports there really aren’t a lot of options. In fact there is really only one team in professional sports that claim to be Irish American and that is the Boston Celtics. Of course, even though they are the only Irish American team in sports they are decidedly Irish. Everything about the team is built and designed around this theme from the color scheme to the name to the logo. The team’s colors are green and white and their logo is a cartoonish version of an Irish smoking a pipe. It could be offensive except everyone in Boston is to giddy with the team’s success to even care.

The team is also one of the most successful teams in professional basketball history. They have more championships than any other team in NBA history. This great NBA history combined with the their Irish American theme make the Boston Celtics a great source of pride among Irish Americans all over the United States and residents of Boston alike. Every Irish American basketball fan in the country fells some kind of connection to the team whether they are from Boston or not because of their success and Irish theme.

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