Why Do People Prefer Teams With Irish American Ties

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Remember the movie “Gangs of New York”? The Irish are known for fighting the odds with an iron jaw and a stiff drink. The Irish always come back home dancing and singing and praising the land of their birth.

Teams with Irish names and links to Irish heritage invoke a feeling of loyalty, undying spirit and the desire to honor family, country and creed. Even if an Irish team loses, they’ll still enjoy a pint and keep diggin’ till Mother Ireland stands free boy’O.

It’s easy to stand behind a team with an Irish name because even if you are the underdog, an Irish name brandishes the strength of playing with honor and owning a bit of the “luck” that has been gifted by generations past. If an Irish team wins, it’s all but right and natural. If an Irish team loses, well…the Irish never really lose, they just let their guards down a bit. But it’ll never happen again–you’ll see!

No matter what the outcome of a sporting event, the Irish team always knows how to throw the best celebration party. They celebrate victory, or the chance to git’ even aye? You’ll never go astray cheerin’ for the Irish!

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