What Makes Teams With Irish American Ties Special

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The Irish American community loves athletics. Whether it is basketball, football, or any other sport, they are passionate about it. Irish American fans believe in a never say die philosophy. Their tenacity, grit, and determined nature make them some of the most devoted fans in America.

During the first mass immigration wave, the Irish brought their love for sports with them. They won hard fought battles to get into American sports and brought fans with them. Teams with Irish American ties are dedicated to the game and their fans. Irish Americans are extremely loyal to the sports teams, and their teams are loyal to them. These teams have the philosophy and knowledge of hundreds of years of tradition behind them.

Irish Americans have a heritage of not giving up when they’re pushed down. They come up from what may seem like defeat and are stronger because of it. Teams with those ties are the same way. If they’re not winning, their spirit will not be defeated. They will come from behind and do what needs to be done to succeed. Teams with Irish American ties are driven to succeed just like their predecessors were. Their community spirit binds them together.

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