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Who Plays On The Irish American Teams

Sports teams with strong Irish-American ties are extremely popular in the United States. The two most famous Irish American-related sport programs are the Boston Celtics, an NBA dynasty, and the University of Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish sports program. The University of Notre Dame offers a wide variety of sports for its student-athletes, but its most [...]

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What Makes Teams With Irish American Ties Special

The Irish American community loves athletics. Whether it is basketball, football, or any other sport, they are passionate about it. Irish American fans believe in a never say die philosophy. Their tenacity, grit, and determined nature make them some of the most devoted fans in America. During the first mass immigration wave, the Irish brought [...]

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Name The Basketball Teams With Irish American Ties

When thinking of NBA basketball teams with Irish American ties one need not look any further than the Boston Celtics. This teams entire culture is based around Irish heritage. One of the Celtics greatest players during their time of dominance in the 1980s was an Irish American. Power Forward Kevin McHale has the distinct honor [...]

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Highlights From Sporting Teams With Irish American Ties

When it comes to the “luck of the Irish”, there are some American sporting teams which tend to be luckier than others. These teams have withheld their Irish ties for years and years, and will continue to do so. One of the best known Irish linked teams is that of the Boston Celtics. This NBA [...]

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Name The Top Five Irish American Sports

Irish people enjoy a wide variety of sports, and Irish Americans even more so. So when you ask yourself what are the top five sports that Irish Americans enjoy, this article is here to explain that very question. Soccer is probably the most well liked sport by Irish Americans. In Ireland, they even have a [...]