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Why Are Irish American Basketball Games So Important

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For the most part, the sport of basketball is not generally seen as an Irish American sport. Instead, it is focused on as a sport where the best players are primarily African American. Of course, this is not to say that there are not any Irish-American basketball players who have left their mark on the game. In fact, there have been quite a few of them, especially in college basketball, where this has been the case. These Irish-American players have done a

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How To Find An Irish American Player

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For Irish-Americans, finding the teams and sporting events that showcase players who share their cultural heritage can be an important concern. From the Major Leagues and international sporting events, to local teams and smaller events, knowing where to find the best source of team and player information can do much to improve the results of your search. Online resources, cultural groups and organisations and the sporting information that will be able to provide you with the most comprehensive list of teams and players can all assist you in your efforts.

Celebrating your cultural heritage with

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How To Find An Irish American Team

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The Irish-American community is one that is proud of its heritage. The Irish people brought a lot of great food, culture, and history when them when they came to America. They are one of the ethnic groups most likely to care about preserving some semblance of their heritage. Sports teams provide avenues for them to do just that. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish teams are appealing to many Irish Americans. The college sports teams that play for Norte Dame inspire plenty of people who have Irish heritage. There’s just

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Which Team Has The Most Irish American Players

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Irish Americans have played a very important role in the history of the United States. In that respect, their sporting contributions are nothing to be surprised about. The Boston Celtics are one of the most successful NBA teams in the country. They have won countless championship trophies and they are always there or thereabouts when it comes to the business end of the season. It is very rare that the Boston Celtics are not involved in the Playoffs to some extent.

Irish American players are prevalent throughout the history of American sports. The NFL, National

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When Did The First Irish American Team Play

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Being legally launched into the world of Irish Americans through the union of matrimony can be an eye-opening experience for those of us not born of this proud heritage. From immigration stories to shared recipes to the ambitious zest for life the Irish innately uphold, we could only expect to witness the same passion for the beloved sport of baseball and the significance of Irish influence within the sport.

The National League intrigued sons of

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Which Sport Has The Most Irish American Teams

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When it comes to Irish American teams in sports there really aren’t a lot of options. In fact there is really only one team in professional sports that claim to be Irish American and that is the Boston Celtics. Of course, even though they are the only Irish American team in sports they are decidedly Irish. Everything about the team is built and designed around this theme from the color scheme to the name to the logo. The team’s colors are green and white and their

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Why Do People Prefer Teams With Irish American Ties

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Remember the movie “Gangs of New York”? The Irish are known for fighting the odds with an iron jaw and a stiff drink. The Irish always come back home dancing and singing and praising the land of their birth.

Teams with Irish names and links to Irish heritage invoke a feeling of loyalty, undying spirit and the desire to honor family, country and creed. Even if an Irish team loses, they’ll still enjoy a pint and keep diggin’ till Mother Ireland stands free boy’O.

It’s easy to stand behind a team with an Irish name because even

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Who Plays On The Irish American Teams

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Sports teams with strong Irish-American ties are extremely popular in the United States. The two most famous Irish American-related sport programs are the Boston Celtics, an NBA dynasty, and the University of Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish sports program. The University of Notre Dame offers a wide variety of sports for its student-athletes, but its most popular programs with the fans are the football and basketball teams, both of which have a long, storied, and successful history.

The Boston Celtics were formed

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What Makes Teams With Irish American Ties Special

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The Irish American community loves athletics. Whether it is basketball, football, or any other sport, they are passionate about it. Irish American fans believe in a never say die philosophy. Their tenacity, grit, and determined nature make them some of the most devoted fans in America.

During the first mass immigration wave, the Irish brought their love for sports with them. They won hard fought battles to get into American sports and brought fans with them. Teams with Irish American ties are dedicated to the game and their fans. Irish Americans are

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Name The Basketball Teams With Irish American Ties

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When thinking of NBA basketball teams with Irish American ties one need not look any further than the Boston Celtics. This teams entire culture is based around Irish heritage. One of the Celtics greatest players during their time of dominance in the 1980s was an Irish American. Power Forward Kevin McHale has the distinct honor of being an Irish American player on the Boston Celtics in a city renowned for its Irish American roots.

McHale was born Minnesota where he won the Mr. Basketball award as

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